Glitterish miniature sighthound coat


Lovely glitterish Sighthound shaped coat for Italian Greyhounds and Whippets. Soft and flexible so easy to get a great fit.

Very comfortable and glamorous! Good as pyjamas too. It’s soft and flexible!

The coat is very soft on the inside to protect the sensitive skin of the smaller Sightounds.

The Italian Greyhound with the crown is wearing our smaller Italian Greyhound size with a very adjusted fit. 

Length 40 cm 15,7 inches

Chest 42-50 cm 16,5-19,7 (very elastic)

The larger 6 kilo black Italian Greyhound is wearing the Whippet short for a comfortable more loose fit.

Length 44 cm 17,3 inches

Chest 50-55 cm 19,7-21,6 (very elastic)

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