Please advise your clients, stores or and end client to choose a collar that fit the purpose and strength of the dog/cat or similar and best also the breed. We cannot be responsible for any other use than the one mentioned above. Collars have a lifespan depending on its use and as in all products it’s necessary to make sure that all parts are still being intact and safe after some use. So please take necessary actions to make sure that the collar doesn’t need reparation or should be changed. Also always make sure that the right collar is used for the right type of dog and its strength. Soft collars should not be used for large pulling breeds and cat collars are for indoor use only. Please don’t leave your cat unattended while using decorative collars.

The collars should have a perfect fit around the dog or cats neck. With a perfect fit we can avoid most accident and the collars are safe to use. Cat collars should be used a bit looser since the intention is not to use them with a leash. Please advise your clients to test that the cat can slip out of the collar in case it would get stuck. Our cat collars are safer than most other brands since we have tried them during a long time. A wider collar provides less choking hazard than a thin collar to a cat and also the soft material that is slightly flexible is better to use than a stronger material. We are happy to say that we have had no complaints about our cat collars for indoor and actually also for outdoor cats but we still do ask the users to make sure that the collar can slip it over the head in case the cat jumps and get stuck since we care about your pet.

The opposite is the situation for the dogs, dog collars should never we worn loose around the neck, always with the fit that you can put two fingers under the collar, this way it can’t slip over the head and the dog won’t be able to get out. Our wider collars are very comfortable and shaped for extra security in this matter. It’s more difficult to get stuck in a wide collar or escape the collar if it’s tight and the right size for the dog.

Sighthounds should use the special wide sizes or Martingales designed for them to make it impossible to escape from the collar. Their necks are also more sensitive and the speed can be very high so a loose hanging thin collar can be a hazard to them. Our extra wide sizes are made with their security in mind.

Our services!

Replacement jewellery service

We provide our clients with service to repair damaged goods. If you need to repair goods, jewellery or other metal parts you can contact us for replacements. And we will give you to reduced cost replacement jewellery. The cost depends on the part that is broken. In case we no longer have the same jewellery available we will replace it with another one at the clients wish. The replacement jewellery and transport is paid by the client. We normally try to put it in next shipment. 

If some attachment, leather or jewellery is out of stock we upgrade the client with a similar one in colour and quality.

Please note that all our products have smaller differences in die and structure of leather or sometimes jewellery, this is a handmade haute couture product and these differences is the essence of handmade products and should be seen as an added value to the product.

 Special orders can be made for clients if they have special wishes of colour of leathers and stones that they know from our collection, we try to understand your wishes and are happy to get help from photos and similar to avoid mistakes. However these products can not in any way be returned to us if mistakes would arise. We will do our best to meet your wishes and expectations.


It’s strictly prohibited to copy our accessories, part of our accessories or the whole collection or special items on our products such as leathers, jewellery parts etc, rename our products,  use our brand name or collection names for other products not being from our collection or resell them in other countries or areas other than the ones agreed upon without the permission in writing from BARCELONA DOGS ACCESSORIES, SL

It’s also prohibited to resell our products on large platforms and websites other than the ones agreed upon with BARCELONA DOGS ACCESSORIES, SL. All stores buying and selling our products are excluded from this rule and can add our products to their own website if they are a direct client to our partners in other countries. Reselling on all other platforms are strictly prohibited.