Velvet Harness SET


Gorgeous everyday high quality harness set for medium to quite large dogs.


Very adjustable straps so the harness is easy to adjust for a perfect fit.

S/XL  size. Many beautiful metal details. 

Strong but with soft velvet fabric. Pink with rose gold details. Turquoise with gold details.

Inside soft padding for extra comfort for your dog.

S Soulder; 34-50 cm ,Chest; 45-59  suits small terriers such as Jack Russels , Dasch hounds, Pomeranias. 

M Shoulder; 43-56 cm, Chest 49-66 cm  Larger Terriers, Havaneese, Shiba Inu, Cavapoos, 

L  Shoulder; 50-61 cm, Chest 58-84 cm  French Bulldogs, Middle Poodles, Corgies, Smaller Spaniels

XL Shoulder; 52-68 cm, 68-95 cm Border Collies, Staffys and similar medium/large wide chested breeds

Dash hound in photo is wearing S, Border Collie is wearing XL, Jack Russel could wear S and M. Pomerania is wearing S.


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