Harness Coat in Leopard or Zebra

Harness jacket in leopard or zebra prints! High quality fabric with soft glossy inside.
Water resistant.
All harnesses are adjustable in the front and around the chest. 
Reflective bands on the back for visibility and extra safety in the dark.
Brass D ring on the upper part of the harness coat. 
Size guide,
All sizes are closed with extra strong velcro bands that are highly adjustable. So many dogs can use more than one size. We recommend to use a bit larger so you can close tight the velcro.
XXS miniature TOY only up to a max 3 kilos such as teacup Chihuahuas and similar.

S  Very small dogs, Maltese, mini Poodles, Yorkies, Pomeranian Toy/Lulu, small cats.

M  Dasch-hounds, Jack Russel terriers, Bichon Frise, Italian Greyhounds, Pomeranians. Large cats.

XL larger small dogs such as Mittel Spitz, Corgies, Small Podencos, Havanese, Middle Poodles, smaller French Bulldogs max 8-9 kilos depending on if you will use the D ring or not for leash.

The 2 kilo ( 4,4 ) Chihuahua in photo is wearing XXS
The 4 kilos (8,8 ibs ) Miniature Dash-Hound in photo is wearing the S size
The medium large cat is very fluffy and wears S and M size.
The Podenco (6 kilo, 13,2 ibs), is wearing the S size in leopard and the M size when she is wearing the zebra.
The French Bulldog is wearing XL size.

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