Wool Jersey in Grey


Greyhound jersey in grey and black in soft wool.

Fantastic for small Greyhounds/Galgos and similars, come in one size only. It's elastic and a soft but made in thick comfortable wool.

No air gets through so your dog will be warm but not feel uncomfortable

Best fit for the small and medium Greyhound / Galgo. Since the neck part is quite small and the coat is very adjusted.

M size is 65 cm long  25,5 inches 

Width over chest 70 cm 27,55 inches ( a bit elastic)


Available for Toy Italian Greyhounds, very small fit.

Length 34 cm / 13,4 inches from lower neck to starting point of tail.

Width over chest max 45   17,7 inches

Also good for indoor use the coldest months of the year.

Hand wash in cold water carefully. Do not tumble dry!

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