NEW Italian Greyhound Fleece Coat


This is a double polar fleece coat. it is an extra soft, cozy all round jacket for Italian Greyhounds. The coat is very useful for so many occasions.

It´s very comfortable. Perfect also for indoors during chilly winter days.

Great for all seasons also spring and fall. It´s a good under-coat for extreme cold since it is tight and flexible so it can easily fit under another coat.

Made of a extra soft fleece in double layers to keep your dog warm.

The inside of the neck is made in a very soft polyester matching the coat.

One size fits S, M and L. For very small Italians XS it will be a bit loser and wider over the chest. 

The fawn colored Italians are small and the Black Italian is quite big.

Velcro for tightening the coat under the stomach. Three different widths.

This coat is 40 cm long and flexible.

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