Black Waterproof Urban Coat


Sporty urban black Sighthound coat. Extra warm high quality black polar fleece on the inside, in the front and neck. 

Black warm waterproof fabric on the outside.

We have added a reflexive band for night visibility.

This coat is perfect for winter and rainy days.

Elegant and easy to adjust for a perfect fit with a strong velcro.

Easy and comfortable for walking and running. 

There is an opening to pass the leash on the bottom of neck. 

We have 3 sizes for large Sighthounds like English Greyhounds/ Galgo Español / Sloughi and similars.

We suggest:

24 inches / 61 cm for smaller Greyhounds or Galgos

26 inches / 66 cm for medium sized ones.

28 inches / 71 cm for the very big chesty ones.

The fawn colored dog on the pictures is wearing a size 26 inches / 66cm

The darker dog is wearing the size 28 inches / 71 cm

Remember that the Galgo Español is normally not as big around the chest as an English Greyhound.

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