Gift Card


This christmas, we have the perfect gift for you. We have created the most unique Christmas Gift Card which will allow you to give a special person one or many of our products. The best part is they can choose it themselves. Our Gift Cards do not expire. If you wish to create a gift card for over the maximum of 150€ amount, please email us and we will fix that for you. 

Once purchased, we will also send you a PDF that you can print out to give or send as the gift when you see fit. We will not inform the person you are going to gift this to, unless you use their personal information and email when making your order. We can also personalize it if you want to add any extra details, such as his or her name, always following our created template that you can see here.

It's very easy to use. Once you want to use your gift card, just simply add your items to the basket and use it as a form of payment. If any money is over on your card, you can use it in your next purchase. We do not refund the total or the remaining gift card amount. In case your order exceeds the gift card amount, you can use an alternate form of payment to pay the remaining amount. The Gift card is used on the total amount of the order, including shipping costs. 

In case you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at or whatsapp at +34 606381616! 


Happy Holidays from Barcelonadogs. 

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